Mirage source code is available here:  mirage-

     Archlinux: pacman -S mirage (William Rea)
     Debian: In sid (Xavier Oswald)
     Gentoo: Package is available in Portage (David Shakaryan)
     Fedora Core 7: Package is here
     Frugalware: Package here (Priyank)
     Foresight: package here (Paul Scott-Wilson)
     Nokia: Maemo package here (Daniel Martín Yerga)
     Slackware: Package is here (Johannes Schöpfer)
     Ubuntu: Package for gutsy

Mirage uses subversion for its development version control. You can checkout the latest code with:
          svn co svn checkout svn:// mirage


PyGTK 2.12.0 or newer
GTK 2.10.0 or newer
Gnome-python to have the toolbar to follow your Gnome setting (optional)
GCC (building only)
python-dev and libX11-dev (on some distros; building only)