Listing of Shortcuts

Key Shortcuts:

    Backspace           Previous Image in List
    Ctrl-0              Zoom to Fit
    Ctrl-1              Zoom 1:1
    Ctrl-F              Open Folder
    Ctrl-H              Flip Horizontally
    Ctrl-O              Open Image
    Ctrl-Q              Quit
    Ctrl-S              Save
    Ctrl-V              Flip Vertically
    Ctrl-Up             Zoom In
    Ctrl-Down           Zoom Out
    Ctrl-Left           Rotate Left
    Ctrl-Right          Rotate Right
    Delete              Delete Image
    End                 Last Image in List
    Equal               Zoom In
    Escape              Exit Fullscreen, Abort Image Searching
    F1                  Help Contents
    F2                  Rename  Image
    F5                  Toggle (Start/Stop) Slideshow
    F11                 Toggle Fullscreen
    Home                First Image in List
    Left                Previous Image in List
	PgUP                Previous Image in List
    Minus               Zoom Out
    Plus                Zoom In
    R                   Random Image in List
    Right               Next Image in List
    Shift-Ctrl-S        Save As
    Shift-Return        Toggle Fullscreen
    Space               Next Image in List
	PgUP                Previous Image in List
	PgDown                Next Image in List
    1                   Zoom 1:1

Mouse Shortcuts:

    Ctrl-Mousewheel     Zoom In/Out
    Left/Middle-Click   Pan Image
    Mousewheel          Previous/Next Image in List
    Right-Click         Popup Menu